Build Your Secure Membership Portal
Posted By: Greg Johnston - 10/10/2014 2:49:30 PM
If you need non-admin users to log in to your website to access private information, this post is for you. RunIT CMS gives you the ability to create content that can only be accessed by logging in. Additionally, RunIT CMS gives you the power to manage your users.

Making a page only available to users who are logged in is easy. From the Page Content editor, check the "Private" checkbox:

When a non-admin user logs in, they are directed to the Secure Membership Portal which contains a list of the private pages in the system.

Any page can be made private. When a user tries to access the page and is not logged in, they receive a message that states "The page is unavailable. Please log in to continue."

We hope that these features enable you to reach your users easily with private information.
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