Custom Forms: Should I Include Results in Email?
Posted By: Greg Johnston - 4/17/2014 12:07:30 PM
When you are setting up a Custom Form you will find an option to Include Results in Email. By enabling this option, you are telling the CMS to include the results of the Custom Form submission in the email that gets sent to the email recipient specified (or if none is specified to the Administrator). Before enabling this option, consider the following:
  • Does the Custom Form include requests for any sensitive information?
  • What if someone stole my smartphone and gained access to my emails?
  • What if my email account was hacked and someone gained access to my emails?
  • Are there any legal issues that need to be considered (e.g. HIPAA)?

If the Custom Form is requesting sensitive information, such as Date of Birth or Social Security Number, results should not be included in the email under any circumstance. If you're not sure whether a piece of information qualifies as sensitive, err on the side of assuming that it is. If you do not enable the Include Results in Email option, the CMS will still email you letting you know that someone filled out the Custom Form. However, the submissions are protected behind the robust security of RunIT CMS thereby protecting the sensitive information and privacy of your users.

Please use this feature with care. By enabling Include Results in Email, you acknowledge that RunIT CMS and Run Business Solutions, Inc., are not responsible for any breach of data due to the email recipient's email account being hacked, a device being accessed, or any other reason. We hope this feature is beneficial to you and that you use it with care.

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