Unexpected Login Page Bug
Posted By: Greg Johnston - 7/9/2014 4:40:09 PM

This issue has been resolved in RunIT CMS version 2014.7.11. Thank you for your patience.

We are aware of an issue that causes users to be redirected to the login screen in certain scenarios. It seems to occur when a user is logged in and their session expires. What happens is when the user logs in again and attempts to go to the tool that he or she was on, it appears as if he or she is logged out. The login screen appears. However, the wrench still appears at the top left of the screen indicating that the user is actually logged in. In most cases, the user is able to access all other tools on RunIT CMS except the one tool/page he or she was on when the session expired.

Note: This issue also seems to occur when you log out of RunIT CMS. Whatever tool/page you were on when you logged out now redirects you to the login screen the next time you log in.

Note 2: This issue only seems to occur in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google Chrome appears to be unaffected.

The short term solution is to clear your browser cache. For instructions on how to do this, see this site (CTRL + F5 doesn't work, you will need to delete your Temporary Internet Files/Cache and Cookies). After clearing your cache, try to access the page again (don't hit F5 or click refresh as you will re-load the page you are on, which is the login page). Another short term solution is to use Google Chrome.

We are working to resolve this issue. If you need help, contact us for support.
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