RunIT CMS Change Log

RunIT CMS Version 2015.5.8

We have been working hard to deliver a new version of RunIT CMS that includes many new features. The Blog tool has been re-designed and is much easier to use. This version includes Phase 2 of the E-Commerce package. If you are interested in selling products on your RunIT CMS website, let us know!

Better Blog Tool: The tool has been completely re-designed. It is now easier to view and manage blog posts. New features include the following:

  • Blog posts now report number of times read.
  • Blog posts can be assigned to multiple categories.
  • You can now add your feature picture when you add the blog post.
  • You can enable social media sharing which will allow readers to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Email.
  • You can enable comments on each blog post. Comments can be visible or hidden. Email verification can be enabled. You can allow readers to hide their information by post anonymous comments. Additionally, you can moderate comments.

E-Commerce Phase 2: Shopping Cart, Products, and Inventory: We have added the ability for you to transform your website into an online store. Features include the following:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard reports total orders, revenue collected, sales tax collected, shipping collected, average order amount, and revenue per day for the date range you select. It also displays top 10 products (by number or amount sold), top 10 customers (by number of orders or amount spent), and recent orders.
  • Product Categories complete with their own URL
  • Products: There are many configuration options for products. You can add package dimensions and weight to calculate shipping, a flat rate shipping price, or allow free shipping. You can allow the system to manage inventory or have unlimited inventory. Products can be taxable and can belong to multiple categories. You can even control the URL for the product details page.
  • Product Details, Add-Ons, Configuration, and unlimited Images
  • Product Options/Matrix Pricing: RunIT CMS allows you to account for products that have options that result in physical inventory items. For example, you may have a product called Polo Shirt. However, in you inventory you have 4 colors and 4 sizes of shirts. Each configuration has its own inventory and possibly pricing.
  • Inventory Management: RunIT CMS keeps a historical account of each change in inventory.
  • Sales Tax: The system will calculate sales tax for items that are taxable based on the billing address of the customer.
  • Ship with FedEx, UPS, or USPS: The system integrates with all three. Pick your preferred carrier, add your package dimensions, and RunIT CMS will allow customers to pick from the available shipping options and rates when they check out.
  • Order Management: When an order is placed, a notificaton is sent to the address that you configure in RunIT CMS. The customer is emailed a receipt and can log in and view order status. You can update order status, add tracking information, and cancel orders. Cancelled orders will return the ordered items to inventory and will issue a refund to the customer's card.
  • You can view Open Shopping Carts
  • Promotions: Promotions are discounts that apply to individual products or entire categories. You can configure a fixed amount or a percentage of the item price. You can also optionally require a promo code

Employment History added as a Custom Form Input Type

We are excited to offer these new features and are glad to help you get started. Request a Demo

RunIT CMS Version 2015.2.13

New Tools!

  • E-Commerce: Phase 1 of the E-Commerce package allows you to make a Custom Form accept payments. You select the Custom Form and add a description and a cost per item. The customer fills out the form, enters their method of payment, and submits their order. We have integrated RunIT CMS with Authorize.Net for credit card payment processing. Payments can be tracked in RunIT CMS. Additionally, an invoice/receipt is emailed to the customer. Look for Phase 2 in the near future which adds the ability to manage products.
  • Email Tracking: We now track every email message that is sent by RunIT CMS and whether it has been opened and whether the recipient clicked a link in the email.
  • Interactive Training: In addition to documentation and videos, RunIT CMS now includes an interactive training tool.

This version includes several performance, security, and stability enhancements in addition to the following enhancements:

Administrator Dashboard: The Administrator Dashboard has been completely redesigned. It now includes site statistics such as number of active users, number of page views in the last 30 days, number of pages in the site, and number of emails delivered in the last 30 days. It displays the top 7 pages and number of page views in the last 30 days. Additionally, it lists active administrators and recent email messages sent.

Gallery: Added "Gallery with Links" control

Library: Added custom sorting configuration and added a Resource clean up tool

SEO: Eliminated a soft 404 that occurred under certain circumstances

RunIT CMS Version 2014.11.11

Library Enhancements: We added the ability to create a Library from a Folder. This means that you can bulk-upload files to a Resources folder and create a Library out of it. Resource Titles will be the file name.

Bugs fixed:

  • Change Password intermittently reported that the old password was incorrect when in fact it was. This has been resolved.
  • Current Page tools did not appear in the toolbox if the page URL ended with a forward slash (/).

RunIT CMS Version 2014.10.31

Recycle Bin: Deleted pages can easily be restored by an Administrator.

Virtual Directories: Every folder at the root of your site (in File Manager) is now treated as a virtual directory. What this means is that if you create a folder called "Directory" and add a document to it called "2014.pdf", you can navigate to that document by going to http://www.[yourdomain].com/Directory/2014.pdf.

Slideshow bug fixed: If you add more than one slideshow to a page, only one slideshow would work while the other(s) appeared to be loading. This has been fixed.

Friendly error pages added: While we hope that errors will never occur, the reality is that an error is bound to happen occasionally. When it does, users will now see a friendly error page.

Calendar RSVP enhancement: You can now specify one or more email recipients for a calendar event. If one or more email recipient is specified, RSVPs will go to that address instead of the default email recipient(s).

Blog enhancement: Date Posted is now editable.

UI Controls updated to latest version

RunIT CMS Version 2014.10.10

Site Layouts: We have added the ability to have multiple site layouts and have added several enhancements to the Site Layout Editor. If more than one Site Layout is available, administrators can select which one they want to use for each page.

Navigation: We have added Custom Navigation Menus to RunIT CMS. This tool allows administrators to create a menu with custom content in each of the sub-menus. Select what menu you want to use in the Site Layout Editor.

Secure Membership Portal: RunIT CMS has always allowed for non-admin user management and log ins. We have expanded this functionality so that pages can be marked as private. If a page is marked as private, only a logged in user can see it. Additionally, we have re-designed the non-admin homepage and toolbox for ease of use.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.9.25

This version includes several enhancements to the Pages and Navigation Categories tools.

Pages: We have added the ability to organize pages in folders. Users can create as many folders and as many levels of folders as they want and can organize them by dragging and dropping. Additionally, we re-wrote the Pages tool to allow for easier drag and drop functionality and URL access. We also expanded the page search tool to search by Name or URL.

Navigation Categories: We split Navigation Categories into its own tool and added drag and drop functionality to it. Users can now re-arrange their website's navigation system by dragging and dropping.

Calendar: We have added a Location field to Calendar Events which allows users to enter formatted, multi-line text describing a location. Additionally, Calendars now support all-day events and events with no end date.

Documentation: We have expanded the available documentation and added help buttons to several tools. We have also created several training videos that are available to users.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.8.28

Sports Package enhancement: Added a 'Player / Coach' content area type. This also includes a PDF export that combines players and coaches on a single page.

Improved Intelligence of Image Handling:

  • You can now specify height and width as you are uploading your images.
  • If you specify only a height or a width it will scale the other accordingly.
  • If you do not specify height or width it will re-size and optimize the image automatically based on content type.

Bug Fix: After the last update the category checkboxes on the calendar page disappeared. This issue has been resolved.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.8.25

Sports Package enhancements:

  • Print functionality added to Rosters
  • Print functionality added to Schedules
  • Roster player photos are now optional
  • Players are sortable by Name or Number
  • An error when adding a player has been fixed. This would occur if you added a value to "Number" that was non-numeric.
  • Game notes are now editable with a Custom Content editor
  • Game results can now be a hyperlink
  • Records on the Schedule can be hidden
  • Sports schedules are now available as Calendars!

Gallery enhancements: If a site had a Gallery in the layout, the Gallery would not render right after clicking a button in one of the RunIT CMS Tools. This has been fixed.

Security enhancements: The SHA password encryption in RunIT CMS has been beefed up.

Calendar enhancements: If an ampersand (&) was in the event name, clicking that event in a Calendar Event List would open an error page. This has been fixed.

Library enhancements: Library Resources now prompt the user to save or download files regardless of their file type.

Custom Forms enhancements: You can now set your Custom Form to use the submitter's email address as the reply-to address in the email. Note that this requires that the form contain at least 1 Input set up as an Email Address. If there are multiple Email Address inputs, the first one that appears on the form will be used as the reply-to address.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.8.1

Custom Lists: This is a very powerful tool that puts the power to design a custom database into your hands. The RunIT CMS Custom Lists tool allows you to create an infinite number of custom lists, each with their own custom-defined fields. You can add items to the lists and display them on your pages. The following field types are available:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Email Link
  • URL
  • Phone Number
  • Currency
  • File

The number of uses of this tool is endless. It could be used as a staff directory, a list of inventory items, or even a list of products or services. If you have a list of things with common properties that you need to display on your website, this is the tool for you.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.7.21

File Manager: This tool gives you access to every file on your site.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.7.11

Unexpected Login Screen bug fixed: This bug made it seem like RunIT CMS was kicking users out. It has been fixed. For more information about the bug, see this article.

Gallery photo drag & drop issue fixed: Attempting to click and drag the image itself didn't work and caused issues.

Security enhancements

Redirection loops prevented: Creating a Page Redirect that points to itself will do nothing now.

My Account doesn't save bug fixed

Enhanced Page filtering: We added filtering options to the Pages tool which helps when a site has many pages.

Document Manager in Blog tool bug: This tool didn't work and has been fixed.

AJAXified Pages, Page Content, and Page Redirects

Fixed Site Files bug: This bug would cause the tool to hang when a file was uploaded, renamed, moved, or deleted.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.6.25

Numerous bug fixes

Online documentation: Just log in to RunIT CMS, open the toolbox, and click Support.

Improved Page Redirects

RunIT CMS Version 2014.4.18

New Tool - Sports Package: The Sports Package is a comprehensive roster and schedule management tool with the following tools:

  • Teams
  • Rosters
  • Coaches
  • Programs
  • Facilities
  • Schedules
  • Cool content types for your website including Coach details, Roster, and Schedule

Various minor bug fixes

Improved markup consistency of content types

Added Calendar Event List content type

Improved W3C HTML5 validation

Custom Forms: added the option to include submission results in the user's confirmation message and added the option to include submission results in the notification email

RunIT CMS Version 2014.3.28.1095

Enterprise Level Security is now an option. If you need the ability to restrict what pages/blogs/etc. an administrator can edit, ask us about this new feature.

Added File Upload input type to Custom Forms

Added the ability to re-arrange pages in the navigation menu by dragging and dropping the pages in the Pages tool

Categorized pages in the Pages tool by Navigation Category

Content Blocks: A Content Block is a re-useable chunk of content that can be added to any page and is centrally managed. This allows you to edit content that appears in many pages in 1 place.

Various bug fixes including an issue with the Library tool that prevented MP3 files from downloading on a mobile device,

RunIT CMS Version 2014.3.13.1038

Blog Enhancements: Added Calendar integration

New Tool - Image Editor: The image editor allows you to edit images on your site and includes the following features:

  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Zoom
  • Adjust Gradient
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Add Text
  • Insert Image
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Invert Color
  • Convert to Sepia
  • Convert to Greyscale
  • Adjust Hue/Saturation
  • Pencil Tool
  • Draw Circle, Line, and Rectangle
  • Undo and Redo Functionality

Notifications Enhancements: Administrators can be opted-in to receive notification emails.

RunIT CMS Version 2014.3.7.1024

Page Versioning: Added the ability to restore pages

Current Page Tools - Copy: Create a copy of a page without leaving the page.

Current Page Tools - Delete: Delete a page without leaving the page.

RunIT CMS Toolbox: Added expand/collapse functionality to each section

Custom Form Submission Export: Export your Custom Form submissions as a CSV file.

Added Blog Title List: Now you can display recent blog posts as a list of titles.

Fixed robots.txt bug: robots.txt was inaccessible from Google. This is now fixed and by default allows robots to crawl all pages. If you need your robots.txt modified, contact us.

Gallery Enhancements:

  • Added the ability to activate/deactivate photos
  • Added the ability to specify a height for gallery photos
  • Added the thumbnail slideshow to the gallery which opens when a user clicks on a gallery photo

RunIT CMS Version 2014.3.3.1007

Download Tracking: Resource downloads are now tracked - look for a reporting tool in the near future

Various Minor Bug Fixes

RunIT CMS Version 2014.2.28.1004

Page Versioning:

  • Every time a page is changed, a copy of that page is archived. This allows pages to easily be reverted to a previous version without having to restore database backups. In the Pages tool, you will find a table called Previous Versions that allows for any page revision to be previewed and restored.
  • If "Notify admin when content changes" in Site Setup is checked, the system will now email the default email recipient when a page is saved. This email contains links to the previous version and the new version.

Current Page Tools - Edit: Pages can now be edited without leaving the page that needs edited! To edit a page, navigate to it, open the toolbox, and click Edit. The Edit link will only appear if you have edit permissions for that particular page.

To see historical changes, please contact us.

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