Custom Forms

Capturing user-inputted data often requires the efforts of a software or web developer. Typically forms are developed and are unchangeable without calling the developer or spending time trying to figure out the code that makes the form work.

RunIT CMS includes a Custom Form Builder that eliminates the need to hire a developer or learn a programming language. The RunIT CMS Custom Form Builder allows for forms to be created and custom tailored to meet the user's needs. Form submissions are stored in the RunIT CMS database and are retrievable by logging in to RunIT CMS. Additionally, form submissions can be emailed to one or more email recipients. All SMTP is handled by the RunIT SMTP service and is reported in the RunPulse Dashboard. When the user submits the form, they can either be presented with a message or their inputted values or both.

The form can be configured to save the submitter in the User Database as a lead or prospect. This makes a Custom Form a powerful marketing tool in conjunction with RunText, an optional SMS service integrated with RunIT CMS, and RunContact, an email marketing tool built in to RunIT CMS.

Customizing the form is easy. Simply pick the question type from a drop down list, add a question or field name, and optionally set the question order and row. Questions can be marked as required. A few examples of question types are as follows:
  • Text Box - basic, one-line input
  • Phone Number - allows for numeric entry of area code and 7 digits
  • Date and Time - allows for entry of date and time and includes a date picker and a time picker
  • Drop Down List - allows for the selection of one of a defined set of items
  • File Upload - allows users to upload a single file which is stored in the secure RunIT CMS file system and is linked by the form submission

The RunIT CMS Custom Form Builder empowers users to develop their own custom forms with an easy to use tool. You can see the tool in action by Requesting a Free RunIT CMS Demo.