RunIT CMS Product Roadmap

We are actively developing RunIT CMS and want you to love it because it is the best product on the market. While we do not guarantee to include the following in any future release, these items are on our radar.

Implement more AJAX

AJAX is an industry term that means you can save changes without the entire page refreshing. We use AJAX on several tools already (Calendar, Page Redirects, Page Content, Pages, etc.) but would love to make your experience more enjoyable by using more of it.

Custom Email Settings

You may want your Custom Forms to email from a custom address.

Add Versioning to Site Layout, CSS, and JavaScript

Custom Form/Contact Form Enhancements

  • Contact Forms should know what page they are on and what page linked to them and should report this information.

Blog Comments (maybe)

Visitor Feedback enhancements

Library download analytics

More Training Videos

Content Search Tool

Enhance RSS Feed and Sitemap.XML

RunIT CMS iOS and Android Apps

Do you have a feature in mind that you would like to see on our roadmap? Fill out the form below and let us know.